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I'm Going to singapore
Sunday, November 25, 2012 | 0 comments
Mybe next year andy pergi duduk singapore :( kerja kat sana . confirm miss kawan kawan kat malaysia T^T takpe setiap bulan andy balik malaysia . bole lepak dngn mmber2 :D I hopee kawan tak lepak kan andy xD mana la tau kan dah semakin hot kan nanti smua lupa saya :p and andy kan training dance bersngguh2 , cuz my dream to be a dancer like taemin ^^  !! I will be no.1 dancer in malaysia !!!!! FIGHTING

Kevin Happy Birthday
                                                              Kevin Woo From Ukiss
                                                  Happy Birthday ^^ 25/11/2012 . Ukiss Fighting !
                                           kevin age 21 , big boy already xD he my big brother xD
                                        UKiss forever !! btw I miss Xander , Kibum and Aj :(  Byebye :D            

Tuesday, April 10, 2012 | 0 comments

Yeahh ! Siap pon blog andy . lama la jugak buad blog ,
Sebab tak pandai nak edit semua , lama pandai jgak ,
Thnks too (Iejaa Vonderheide) Dia tolong andy sikit - sikit :D Hahaha
That all , I hope you enjoy my "new" blog , kbyebyeee :D